A beautiful cat with blue eyes makes us think immediately that it can be deaf. It is a generic question, but it is not certain that all white-haired cats are deaf.

Genetic deafness depends on the W gene, which is present only in white cats. The hair-related gene is a dominant gene and is always present in the cat’s DNA. This gene leads to a malformation of the inner ear.

The color of the eyes, which will be blue, is associated with the W gene, besides the color of the white hair. This is why often cats with white fur and blue eyes can be deaf.

Cats that have a black tail end or even some legs with black spots are not deaf.

However, white cats may have yellow eyes, green or mixed eyes, such as the Turkish cat Van. His eyes will be one green and one blue. The first felines were spotted in southeastern Turkey, near Mount Ararat. We admire the Van cat for its elegant bearing.

The greatest predisposition to deafness is that of cats that have blue eyes. The Norwegian forest cat or Norsk Skogkatt is a white-haired cat, but not necessarily deaf. Norsk = Norwegian, Skog = Forest, Katt = Cat. This cat belongs to a very ancient Scandinavian breed.

Furthermore, white-haired cats get dermatitis if exposed to the sun. It may also happen that cats burn their ears. In short, the white cat is destined to live in a silent world of greater attention.

Life of a deaf white cat:

  • a white cat without hearing will live quietly because it will enhance the other sense organs, namely the sense of smell and sight. Deaf cats will live well even free and are not obliged to remain closed in our homes. The white cat runs the risk however not to hear the arrival of the car.

How to get close to a white cat without scaring it:

  • if the white cat lives with us at home, how can we not frighten him every time we approach, even if only for a caress? If the cat sleeps in the basket, let’s try moving it slightly so that it opens its eyes. And then let’s see it.

Let us help each other with hand gestures to make them understand what we want to say. We do some things with all the cats, like the gesture of sitting or letting them know that they are coming to eat.

There are also so many positive sides to a beautiful cat with a white coat, it won’t be frightened by firecrackers or loud music.

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