Little Carthusian cat puppies

In this tender video, we have the chance to see 3 Carthusian cat cubs struggling with their first explorations of the world.

We have said many times about this breed of the cat even in the recent past. It is, in fact, a very valuable breed, whose ancient origins are linked to different legends. What is certain, on the other hand, is that the Carthusian cat has a massive and robust build, with a high dimorphism between males and females. The former is in fact larger (they can even weigh 8 kg!), While the latter are usually similar in weight and size to domestic cats.

As far as their hair is concerned, the coat is smooth, gray with blue reflections and with shades ranging from ash to slate. According to the standard, there should be no difference in shade between the coat and undercoat. The coat must, therefore, be uniform without shading: all points, white hair, stakes are considered defects. At birth, however, the hair is striated: a characteristic that, with the passing of months, leaves room for a more uniform and characteristic color.

His character is very affectionate, considering that this cat is related to his family and has a strong personality.

Two cats looking for attention!

The cat’s protagonists of these two proposed videos are really extraordinary! Besides being beautiful felines, they are also cunning specimens that know how to condition their masters to get what they want!

Cats are also particularly skilled animals in capturing the attention of others and in making them understand their needs. Although they are sufficiently independent and independent, cats often want to be pampered and want someone else to procure something for them that they need.

Considering that their mental scheme is very different from that of dogs when cats prove to be particularly affectionate or wander around their master, it is likely that little cats will miss something! Their attitude is of facts of a substantial cause-effect and, therefore, when they approach their master it is not often to show their affection, but to show some specific necessities.

In this case, the kittens of the movies act in exactly the same way. They approach their masters, capture their attention and “ask” what they want.

Do your cats act the same way? Are they as good at catching your attention? Do you think your cats are skilled enough to make people understand what their needs are? Let us know what your cats are doing and, if possible, add them to a photo or video of your “champions”! It will be our pleasure to share your experiences with our community!

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