Who owns a cat knows well how important it is to protect his health with a correct course of vaccinations, which will allow maintaining unchanged the feline’s state of form in front of more or less invasive pathologies. A properly vaccinated cat is a cat more active and able to live more, whether it leads an almost exclusively domestic life, or rather that it leads a much more active life outside friendly walls.

Our first suggestion is, of course, to take your kitty to the vet, where he will get a health card with the feline data, on which to record vaccinations, examinations, visits. The most important compulsory vaccinations are of two types: the trivalent and the pentavalent. The trivalent is essentially indicated for cats that live exclusively in the home, while the second is mostly suitable for cats who will need to go outdoors.

The trivalent fact protects the cat from feline gastroenteritis, rhinotracheitis, and calcivirus. Pentavalent vaccination expands the protection of the cat to include also chlamydiosis and feline leukemia.

On the other hand, at least for the moment, there are no effective vaccines against Fiv, the feline immunodeficiency syndrome, unfortunately, similar to human HIV. The vaccination against feline infectious peritonitis is discussed.

Still, if you want to travel around the world with your cat, take the foresight to expand the vaccinations including also the anti-rabies one, which for the moment is required only for the outside.

Overall, remember that vaccinations must be carried out when the cat is in perfect health, in order not to lose the best benefits and coverage against illnesses.

For any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your trusted veterinarian, who will certainly be able to give you any explanation for any concerns.

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