Funfair for cats!

Cats, you know, are very playful and dynamic animals, and every now and then they get carried away in their desire to have fun and give vent to their feline instinct!

The video we want to show you today allows us to return to a fundamental point in the education and growth of cats, linked to the possibility of involving them in recreational activities. As a rule, cats play very autonomously and, especially if they are in company, they will be able to enjoy themselves simulating fights and chases, in complete safety: if therefore you see the little cats playing in a rather fierce manner with their little brothers, do not have any fear. For them, it is an ideal way to focus their instinct, in a condition of substantial security.

If, on the other hand, cats live alone and do not have feline partners with whom to share moments of leisure, you will need to have the right care in equipping a part of the house as a play area. Scratching posts, balls, boxes, and other containers will certainly be a useful moment of leisure.

Do not forget also to spend a few minutes a day in the company of the cat, playing with him: in this way you will strengthen his character and, above all, make a strong friendship!

The mother cat teaches puppies how to clean dishes!

In the video with which we want to start today, we want to show you a sweet mother cat that teaches puppies how to clean dishes after a meal.

In the first weeks of life, the young cats get an almost continuous education from their parents and, in particular, from their mother. The latter will not leave them alone even for a moment, accompanying them in every step of their development, until complete maturation.

The contact between the mother cat and the puppies is, in fact, constant, and the two will not lose sight even for a moment. Precisely to ensure maximum relaxation for the mother, our advice is to reserve a quiet part of your home for the litter and the parents, which is not too transient, and which can, therefore, guarantee the feline family the right tranquility.

A useful example is to reserve a corner for them in the laundry area, or perhaps in a room that you can carve out for them, at least in the months necessary for their weaning.

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