Graeme, the cat that “accompanies” the mistress to the trains

The cat that you have seen portrayed in the image of this post is called Graeme and, after having spent the first six years of his life as a stray, he was found by the RSPCA: the decision was to shoot him down, given his poor condition. health.

However, life had a pleasant surprise for Graeme. Having seen it, a young girl from Melbourne, Nicole, chose to adopt it. Today Graeme is 12 years old, and for 6 years he has lived with his mistress, to whom he is naturally bound by very, very deep affection.

Graeme is indeed so fond of his mistress, and particularly grateful and grateful to have saved his life, which accompanies her to the station every day. On the way back, Graeme finds himself near the tracks, waiting for the mistress to make the journey, also accompanying her on the daily journey home.

With this behavior, Graeme acquired a strong reputation in his town. Everyone gives him caresses and cuddles that he seems to accept very, very willingly.

A beautiful story from which a short movie was taken that we now want to share with you all:

BunBun, the cat that barks like a dog

In the movie with which we want to open the week, we propose the knowledge of BunBun, a cat that … barks like a dog!

Well, the cat actually has a particularly complex communication system, which simultaneously uses two different types of “vocabularies”:

  • the first is used – in the wild – to allow easy communication of the cat with its babies; when instead the little ones reach adulthood, the vocabulary is slightly modified to favor the transmission of other messages;
  • the second is instead used at home; here the cat maintains its infantile vocalizations until maturity and then improves them in the growth process.

Overall, a very rich communicative vocabulary, which allows the cat to boast a portfolio of “messages” transmitted really hardly comparable in the spectrum of domestic animals, and such as to make it – although not comparable – certainly closer to that of man than to what happens, for example, with dogs.

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