The dermatitis is quite common problems in the cat and materialized through inflammatory processes of the skin and, mainly, only the most superficial layer.

In addition to having obvious consequences on the organism, dermatitis is a source of discomfort and harm to the animal, which will adopt a state of irritation and dissatisfaction.

But what is the origin of dermatitis? There are several elements at the basis of this phenomenon: in some cases it may be a food intolerance and, therefore, foods or ingredients that have been ingested by the cat; in other cases of chemical irritants present in the environment (for example, detergents) or of natural origin (some types of plants).

But not only: other causes of dermatitis can, in fact, be insect bites, parasites, fleas, fungi, environmental substances present in some seasons of the year, bacteria, autoimmune reactions of the organism, hormonal disorders, anxiety, and others behavioral problems that lead to a state of self-harm in the animal.

Well, as regards the main natural remedies for dermatitis, a good strategy could be to wash the coat with a cold decoction of chamomile, mallow, calendula, echinacea. In this way, you will promote a soothing, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action, stimulating healing.

Aloe vera gel juice may also help, a cure-all especially if the skin appears too dry, due to its emollient action.

To improve the immune system (especially if the dermatitis is bacterial in nature) it is also possible to administer echinacea systemically, supplementing the diet with polyunsaturated fatty acids, using seed, sunflower, and linseed oil. Lastly, yeast can also exert a good positive action.

However obvious, our basic advice is still to consult a good veterinarian who can support you in identifying the best treatments.

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