If the cat has toothache

Cats are the ideal companions of our days at home, between purring and caresses. But it can happen that the cat is suffering.

One of the problems the cat may have is the classic toothache like humans. Sometimes it is easy to identify the cause of the pain and sometimes it is necessary to contact a veterinarian. Toothache affects cats over five years of age. And two thirds of cats have dental problems in their existence. The health of the teeth and gums of our feline friends is important and should not be overlooked.

Toothache symptoms:

  • bad breath, stains on the teeth, blood from the gums, difficulty in chewing, loss of appetite, pain. Other symptoms that can make us think of toothache are excessive salivation, meows and puffs if we touch them near the aching mouth.

These are symptoms partially indicative of discomfort, the diagnosis can be made with certainty by the veterinarian.

Dental care and proper nutrition:

  • an adult cat has 30 teeth, four sharp canines, which are turned towards the inside of the mouth to hold their prey in the mouth. Twelve incisors, eight premolars, six molars to break up food.

It is rare for a cat to have tooth decay, because it does not eat sugar, but meat. The domestic cat’s problem is tartar, a yellowish patina that we see in the cat’s mouth at the base of the teeth, near the gum.

The first piece of advice is to take care of the feeding of cats so that soft and moist foods do not cause the presence of residues between the teeth.

How to brush the cat’s teeth:

  • The oral hygiene of the cats can be helped with the brushing of their teeth with toothbrushes and toothpaste for felines. If the owner of the cat fails in this operation, unfortunately the cat must go to the vet and undergo a tartar cleansing treatment. First we could try with a soft cloth to rub on the teeth, then if the cat is patient, we move on to the toothbrush.

For the toothache that must be treated with tooth extraction, there will be a fairly rapid recovery. Subsequently, the feeding must be established with the collaboration of the veterinary.

In the market there are also snacks for oral hygiene of cats, with fatty acids, taurine and vitamins.

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