That’s why your cats love the PC keyboard!

Have you ever wondered why domestic cats have an incredible propensity to sit on a personal computer keyboard? The cat has a tendency to lie down on the keys at any time of the day, and even when the legitimate owner of the device is trying to use it. But what are the reasons that lead the cat to act in this way?

The reasons are varied, and not everyone seems to have the same conviction. The first series of determinants is purely environmental: cats love warm and temperate places, and the use of computers leads the area of ​​reference to heat up. In this way, the keyboard is warm and comfortable to the touch, turning into a small mattress at your feet.

The second set of determinants refers instead to a sort of ” massage ” implicit in the keyboard. The keyboards, in fact, tend to press the keys because in this way they are able to massage their own body by resting on them. An alternation of raised and other pressed buttons is, therefore, able to provide the cat with the right relax. A reason that could also explain why many cats lie on the keyboard even when it is cold.

In addition to these causes, there is a third reason, less important than the previous one, but certainly interesting. In fact, the cat seems to be attracted and intrigued by the movement of the fingers that beat on the keyboard buttons. In short, in seeing his owner tapping frantically on the keyboard, the cat could be led to think of being faced with a kind of prey to be conquered and overwhelmed. This is why the cat often has rather prudent (or, on the other hand, impetuous) attitudes towards this “monster” which is the personal computer.

And what do you think? Does your cat also take on these behaviors?

Mother cat looks after munchkin puppies

It is really difficult to try to resist the tenderness of these munchkin puppies, one of the breeds that we prefer most here on MondoGatti.

The reason is very simple: they are very beautiful puppies to look at, very soft to cuddle and very, very affectionate. The movie that we want to show you now is a clear demonstration: these puppies entertain for a long time with a game made especially for them, and with a box so loved (many times on our site we talked about the spontaneous and extraordinary bond that is created between the kittens and boxes!).

But when the mother arrives to look after them, the munchkin cats show all their affection and ardor and rush after the cat that gave them life. A truly formidable image, a family picture that we will never tire of seeing!

And what do you think? Do you have puppies and munchkin cats at home? What is your relationship with them? Do you have any suggestions to give us or particularities to suggest? Let us know something and, if you have photos or videos of your domestic cats, send them to our editorial office: we will be pleased to share them with the entire MondoGatti community!

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