When cats are sick and they have to be given drugs, precautions must be taken to avoid suffocating the pet or hurting it because of scratches and bites: this is the correct way to give the medicine to cats easily and without stress.

Cat medications, administration, and care

It is always sad to see a sick animal, but even cats, despite having more than one life, can get sick.

If your pelosetto has contracted an infection, or in the case of a cat, it has swellings on its belly and in particular in the direction of its udders, it is better to take it immediately to the veterinarian.

There are also warning signs of subtle and very serious diseases that, if left untreated, can lead the cat to death. We are talking about urinary tract infections, kidney disorders and above all problems with the circulatory system.

If in the case of tumors, especially if they are ulcerated, it will be the doctor who evaluates the possible surgical operation or a palliative treatment as well as specific drugs and supplements, with regard to infections of the cat with urinary tract, renal and circulatory system, surely the doctor will prescribe a specific diet to be followed for a month in addition to the oral antibiotic.

It is known that the gattari do everything for their own pelosetti, but not everyone feels ready to administer pills, suppositories and the like to their cat.

We immediately clarify that medicines for pets , like human ones, must be placed in a cool and dry place and thrown on the expiry date or in any case, within 6-12 months of opening (it is written on the label or in the package leaflet).

How to give drugs to the cat

Each cat is temperamentally different. There are animals that can get frightened and not let themselves be touched, or there are cats that let themselves be “tortured” for hours between medications, oral syrup and pill administration that can even fall asleep in their arms and want to be pampered as a consolation prize.

It is good to remember that only and exclusively the veterinarian is authorized to prescribe the drugs for our pet, while the pharmacist or the general practitioner can only hypothesize and give advice on the matter.

As long as they are superficial wounds it could also be good, also because surely they will strongly advise going to the vet for the prescription of the antibiotic in this case, but how do you give the medicines to the cat?

Cat and human medicines, contraindications, and differences

As for us humans, fortunately, there are many medicines and oral medicines in the form of syrup, pill, or rectal way, or suppositories, or even intravenously, therefore the classic syringe puncture.

The most used by cat owners is the first category, namely oral administration.

Unfortunately for humans, the cat has 250 highly developed taste buds, so if dogs eat their food simply by swallowing voraciously without almost chewing, the pelosettis with vibrissae and pink erasers are extremely suspicious and selective.

The owners know this well, because they are able to refuse even the usual food out of the blue, but it is also an advantage, because it is rare for a cat to be poisoned, unless it is extremely hungry and debilitated that it accepts, for survival, to feed on something that might not be to his liking.

Usually, the veterinary advises to pulverize the medicine in pill and put it in the bowl of wet food or hide it in a morsel, but the animal could be clever.

It is better than to proceed with the method, that is, to capture it perhaps by showing him his favorite snack, to wrap it in a warm towel to block his legs, to lay it down so that the head is raised with respect to the body as a baby and to open his mouth.

On the other hand, take the medicine and insert it in the mouth, close it immediately holding a hand in front of it and caress the uvula, to stimulate swallowing.

It is easier to do it than to explain it, but for those who don’t feel like it, they can adopt that specific method, bearing in mind that the cat prefers very salty foods.

If you do not have kidney problems or do not follow special diets, you will have to camouflage the drug with a slice of ham or cheese to add to the usual jelly, or to the box of tuna in the natural state bought for the occasion, or the pastas with the taste of useful meat as supplements.

Alternatives to the cat pill

With the towel method, you risk stressing the cat so much and it is not suitable for long-term therapies.

For this reason, God wanted the man to make intravenous antibiotics for the cat as an alternative to the tablets.

But let’s not think of making the kitty our guinea pig to practice, because it is certainly not a pincushion. It must be the vet to give him the bites, perhaps with a useful dosage for three days so that the feline can dispose of stress and side effects.

Obviously, never trusting medicines for humans, even enterogermine can lead to unpleasant effects if given lightly.

The metabolism of cats is different from the human one, as well as the doses, and it is possible to poison them or even take them to extreme consequences.

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