Summer has arrived and the cat, with the summer, has the impulse and the desire to explore the surroundings, especially if you are lucky enough to live in the countryside. Unfortunately, among the tall grass, dangerous perils can be hidden for cats and kittens, or the infamous fleas and ticks. To protect the feline from the attacks of these parasites, it is a must to get pesticides for cats: in the market there is an embarrassment of choice, also because at the first symptoms of the animal it is necessary to find one or more remedies against fleas and ticks for also sanitize the home environment. The characteristic of these annoying insects is that they proliferate in the external environment, but also internally if they find optimal conditions, for this reason, it requires an effective repellent, but that is not harmful to the cat.

Pesticides for cats and kittens against fleas and ticks

There is no best pesticide for cats , there is an effective flea and tick for your furry friend: you have to take into account the age of the puppy and the weight in choosing the best flea for small and large cats. How to tell if the cat’s fur is infested with fleas? Simply brushing it and observing it: you will notice between the hair of the small black dots, or even of the filaments, which leave just reddish patches when they get wet. Well, these are the flea feces. Furthermore, the cat will scratch very often, even obsessively. If you are a beginner, it is good to talk to your veterinarian trust, which will directly provide an effective remedy against flea and tick attacks after analyzing the conditions in which the animal lives, or if it is a type that would always be outside, or does only some exploration and returns to its basket. For those who feel like treating cats and kittens alone, it is good to know some tips to choose the most effective product on the market. It is important to remember that pesticides for dogs are not suitable for felines, as they can be highly toxic and fatal for the animal, even if a small amount is administered. And furthermore, there is a clear difference between flea-free cats and puppy repellents. Furthermore, the prophylaxis must be perpetrated even in full winter even if the maximum hygiene is observed: the parasites go-to wedding with the humidity and the heating turned on, especially if they are nested in scratching posts, pillows, and baskets. In essence, the repellents against fleas and ticks differ in price and method of administration.

Cat pesticides: flea collar and ticks

The pesticide collar for cats is perhaps the easiest device to apply and protects the cat from parasites without fatigue. You simply need to fasten the collar around your neck, closing it carefully so that it is not bothersome or loose. On contact with the skin, the flea collar releases the active ingredients consistently for up to 8 months with a single application. It is water resistant and odorless. The only drawback is that the animal chews it, with consequent gastrointestinal problems , in addition to the enchantment that can be entangled and that there may be a danger of suffocation. The price is between 20 and 25 euros . PLEASE NOTE : since 2013, by law, I ambanned pesticide collars reporting of the active substances dimpylat, propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos .

Cat pesticides: flea sprays and ticks

The pesticide spray is the most practical remedy for a very docile cat: it should only be sprayed and sprinkled on the body of the cat or kitten, avoiding the eyes and other sensitive areas. The owners must wear gloves to be able to massage the body of their furry friend, from the head to the paws. The duration varies from 1 to 3 months and those containing the active ingredient fipronil are effective, as it not only acts on fleas but also on ticks, preventing the development and spread of bad infections. The quantity to be applied depends on whether the cat is short-haired, long-haired or semi-long-haired, or by weight kg. Depending on the quantity, the price varies from 17 to 48 euros either online, at the pharmacy or in pet stores. These sprays are usually not water resistant, but an advantage is that they can also be sprayed on surfaces that have come into contact with the feline, disinfecting the environment with a few sprays. A good vacuum cleaner and a washing machine will finish the job.

Spot on cat pesticides

The spot-on pesticides are perhaps the most popular method for the protection of cats from fleas and ticks thanks to the ease of application and it’s content correct proportions: just open the pipette and apply the liquid on the nape of the cat after having extended the hair. It may be that the adult cat and the kitten feel a sense of annoyance and will tend to scratch and lick each other. In the case of more cats, it is better to separate them so that they do not lick each other. Ingestion of these cat pesticides can cause vomiting and excessive salivation. Here too, Fipronilit is the master, along with other active ingredients that are effective against flea and tick infestation (this spot ons are called combos ) both adult and in the form of larvae or eggs, preventing their reappearance. They are effective up to 6 weeks and the cost of a package varies from 15 to 25 euros, depending on the number of pipettes purchased.

Flea shampoo for cats and kittens

Does your cat love water and bathe? Do abandoned kittens need to be groomed? Here it is necessary to intervene promptly with a flea shampoo. They are useful pesticides for cats especially if you want to get the cats used to get used to the water. Usually, flea and tick cleaners are used once a month and are less invasive than the methods described above, provided you follow the instructions meticulously and with the favorable opinion of the veterinarian.

Oral flea cream for cats

In addition to those for external use described so far, there are also oral pesticides for cats. They are sold on prescription in the form of tablets and in a liquid solution. Both are effective for 30 days and are usually used if the cat shows intolerance to the anti-flea and tick remedies described above.

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