Dog guards and cuddles kittens!

This dog has extraordinarily high dimensions but, despite its size, it is able to treat cat puppies entrusted to it by a mother cat with great care and great delicacy.

The history of this fantastic domestic sharing should not be surprising: although it is true that many dogs and many cats behave as “popular definition”, it is also true that the cases in which the sharing of the spaces of the house is peaceful and collaborative certainly not lacking. In fact, much depends on the way in which the “second arrived” have arrived and been presented at home: it is, in fact, necessary to be very cautious and to show mutual respect, so that conflicts and space invasions are not reached.

In the case of today ‘s video, this dog apparently assisted the cat even during pregnancy, thus proving to be a truly formidable partner. In confirmation of the great care with which the mother cat takes care of her puppies, in any case, take a thorough look at the video: you will see it comfortably lying on the dog’s bed, but a short distance from your puppies. A further demonstration of the strong and maternal bond that mother cat has with the little ones.

Kittens make friends with a guinea pig!

Another tremendously tender video for all our reader friends! In this video, in fact, some very sweet kittens will make their acquaintance with a guinea pig. A meeting documented by the timidity of the protagonists who, little by little, will be overcome by curiosity.

But who is the guinea pig? First of all, we try to reveal a curiosity dictated by the title of the video, which highlights how the tender animal is called “guinea pig”, or “Guinea pig”. It is not very easy to try to trace the origin of this name (which we have instead translated as a guinea pig, from the mistaken idea that these animals came from there). It is thought, however, that the origin of the term is attributable to the stage of the process of transporting animals to an area corresponding to current Guinea, in Africa. Others, on the other hand, think that this is the distortion of the term Guiana, an area of ​​supposed origin of animals. Still others think it derives from the guinea (in English, just Guinea), an ancient coin that would correspond to the average price of these animals (in any case, the hypothesis is rejected because of the temporal diversity between the introduction of the animal and that of the coins).

Having established this, let us remember how guinea pigs are very small and tender animals, characterized by surprising activities: they can in fact “work” 24 hours a day, with very short dream periods. On the other hand, they are not very athletic and, when they are very happy or excited, they try to make small high jumps: an attitude called “popcorning”, because accompanied by very strong and repeated verses!

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