For those who keep the dog, but often linger at work or have to spend a lot of time not at home, an ingenious invention was invented – self-feeding. Choose an automatic dog feeder for large dogs. It will allow you to take care of the health of the animal, to give him the required amount of feed in a clearly defined time, and the dog will not be hungry, but he will not eat too much. That is, these problems are faced by the owners, who leave a supply of food in a bowl, leaving for the whole day. Today, automatic feeders have appeared so much that everyone will be able to choose the ideal model for their pet, depending on its size and the required functionality. But what are the main factors to consider when choosing?

How does the automatic document feeder work?

The food in the automatic feeder is usually stored in a container – it can have different sizes and for each breed, it is necessary to choose a specific automatic feeder. Some devices work on the principle of a water cooler, feeding a portion of food into a bowl, others are divided into segments that open gradually, and still, others are just bowling with a lid. The choice of a particular model depends on the breed and needs of the pet, as well as on how long the owner does not stay at home. Automatic feeders can only program: You can adjust the feeding amount and emitting time, insert a sound signal or record the voice of the host.

Automatic battery power supplies and the price of the device is higher, the more functions it can perform. However, the absolute majority of feeders are calculated to provide not only dry food but also wet food, as well as medicines or vitamins necessary for the animal. It is important to understand that the automatic feeder is not only a convenience for the owner but also a guarantee of the dog’s health. The quality of the food is also important for its well-being: it is better to choose products from reliable and proven manufacturers, such as Royal Canin, whose range of products is available here. The dog food from this company is the result of constant research and improvement of the formulation to achieve the ideal taste and nutritional value of the product. This takes into account the characteristics of each breed and age of the dog, so the choice of products is the largest: feeds are presented separately for puppies of different ages, adults, lactating dogs, and each of them can be found for a particular breed, of which there are a few dozen.

What to consider when choosing a power supply?

When choosing an automatic feeder, the following main factors should be considered:

  • pet size, because buying a huge feeder for a small Spitz is impractical,
  • the number of meals per day
  • the average portion size, which depends on the size, breed, and life span of the dog,
  • how long the pet stays alone and needs to be provided with food using an automatic feeder.

At the moment there are several types of power supplies, which are arranged differently. Depending on the needs of the pet and the owner should choose the best option in each case.

Types of automatic feeders

The main options for power supplies are as follows:

  • programmable. This is the most technologically advanced and functional option but at the same time the most expensive. The dispenser can hold up to 2.5 liters of feed and You can adjust the number of servings and the frequency of serving food in a bowl. Such a feeder, due to its peculiarities, is suitable for dogs of any breed and will be useful for those owners who have to leave their pet alone for a relatively long time – there will be enough food for them. Some models of such devices may be equipped with a screen for more convenient use, and a beep or recorded voice of the host may be activated while feeding. Of the disadvantages of the feeder, it is worth noting the high price and space requirement, if the device is designed for a large amount of feed,
  • feed feeder segment. A rather interesting variant, which in appearance resembles a common bowl, but at the same time is divided into several segments. Each of these segments houses a portion of food and both dry and wet food can be placed. The bowl is closed with a lid, in which there is only one hole, equal in size and shape to a segment. When a certain amount of time has passed and the host has set it, the lid moves to open a new segment of the food bowl. As a rule in this through 4-6 segments but maybe more. The device does not take up much space, the food in it always remains fresh, but if circumstances force you to leave the house for more than two days, such a manager is unlikely to work,
  • flap feeder – a fantastic option for a large dog for which the previous method is unacceptable. This version of the feeder is designed for single dog feeding, for example, at lunchtime, when everything is at work and no one is home. The volume of the dispenser, as a rule, is about 0.5 kg, any food can be placed in it, and at the specified time the lid of the feeder will turn over. Therefore, the food is always covered, it does not deflate, it does not pollute, but the characteristics of the device make it necessary to refill the feeder after each meal. If you need to provide two portions of food for a large dog, you can buy two of these foods,
  • the simplest and cheapest version of the feeder – container bowl not equipped with an automatic means. This feeder works like this: when the food in the cup runs out, a new batch is poured from the dispenser. The obvious downside is that a dog with a good appetite can eat more than they need to, and if this happens regularly, that’s not far from obesity. Such a feeder is suitable only for rare use when food must be left to a pet in reserve, and a standard bowl does not allow this.

Drawing conclusions from all this, it is easy to understand that feeders with segments are not very suitable for large dogs – for them, it is better to choose the option with a hinged lid or a programmable feeder with a large enough container. For dogs of medium and small breeds, in principle, all listed types of feeders are suitable, only their volume is better to choose based on the needs of the animal.

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