Have you ever wondered what cats do once you’ve crossed the threshold of the window or the front door?

A prompt and timely response could be provided by a recent dossier formulated by the University of Georgia and the National Geographic Society of the United States , which monitored the behavior of a group of 60 cats in the Athens area, on which they were mounted small video cameras on the collar, in order to control their movements. Discarding a dozen unusable monitors, 50 very curious controls were obtained.

First, the researchers found that 44% of cats leave the house to hunt animate or inanimate beings. In other words, hunting is an innate behavior, typical of feline instinct, and apparently indispensable (many of the cats monitored do not even eat their prey after killing it, with an average of two animals killed per week, with only 25% of these victims who are taken home in “homage” to the bosses).

Again, 85% of cats are exposed to potentially risky behavior, such as crossing busy roads, quarreling with other cats, drinking or eating substances they do not know, exploring hydraulic pipes or exhaust pipes, entering slots, and so on.

But not only: a dozen cats have indeed shown to have a “double life”. Once they left home they went to visit the second family or lover. In short, cats, once again, prove to be much more like humans than you can imagine.

Lancelot and Geneva: Romantic love story between two cats!

The two protagonists of this story are called Lancelot and Geneva and, as can be guessed from the names given to the two cats, they are two lovers who would really do anything to crown their love story.

Their story, moreover, is unbelievable. It all begins in Rivarolo, a town in which the two live amiably, cared for by the people of the neighborhood. However, unfortunately, a few weeks ago the cat became ill. The inhabitants then decide to call the Enpa, the Animal Protection Agency, which finds the cat in very serious conditions: it is thin, has a bad disease and risks its life. The Enpa thus chooses to take it to Bolzaneta, where a specialized veterinary center takes care of it and allows the cat to recover gradually.

Well, after three weeks of treatment and substantial isolation from his beloved, one day he hears meowing from the laboratory: it is Lancelot, the “lover” cat from Geneva, who came to visit his beloved. The two naturally recognize themselves immediately and begin to cuddle each other affectionately.

The cats will then be placed in foster care with the constraint that no one can ever separate them. A truly formidable love story!

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