One of the most common habits among felines is to lick the hands of their masters. Behavior that may seem strange, but which in reality can be explained by a series of determinants that start from the reflection of the cat’s hygiene need (which is cleaned with the tongue) and ends with a series of even more profound and diversified explanations.

Let’s start by remembering that the use of the language, for cats, is extremely important: an ordinary gesture, which is learned as a child and has to do with hygiene and affection. In fact, cats lick their puppies and show their affection for them. With regard to humans, therefore, this attitude of the cat reflects above all the need to communicate that cats trust us, and want to recognize this feeling of affection.

In addition to the above, the cat licks his hands for a more concrete question of “territoriality” . In other words, by licking objects, people and other animals, cats leave their trace and their smell on them. A sort of “possessive” attitude, by which the cats want to trace their own territory and the people with whom they wish to have a deeper relationship, avoiding that these are the object of attention of other cats.

And how does your cat behave? Do you lick your hands continuously or are you more detached? Let us know what you think!

Does the cat keep meowing? Here are all the reasons and solutions!

Often the cats meow continuously and, at times, without any apparent meaning. Normally the cat meows if it wants something from its owner: food, cuddles, help (open a door, etc.). However, if your cat really meows non-stop, it is possible that you are facing a behavioral problem or a very profound disorder that should not be underestimated.

In light of the above, our advice can only be to manage the cat’s meow by leading him to a veterinarian who can ascertain what the symptoms of the meow are: an internal pain, a general malaise, and so on.

According to what he claimed a behaviorist note a short time ago, the continuous meow of cats is often not due to physical illness, but to a bad education. Owners who are too apprehensive, who are ready to satisfy any cat’s whim, would lead to overly spoiled cats. In this sense, the cat’s meow would be nothing more than a signal that the cat emits to “want something”. Often, too many things!

Cats are in fact very clever animals, and it is not uncommon for them to take advantage of this by relying on human weaknesses, which they see in their cats as sweet and defenseless companions. Therefore, be a little “tough” with your cat, especially in the growth phase. Avoid overcoming its continuous requests, and try to build a positive education!

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